What Have We Been Doing During Covid-19?

The New Normal For KAC

While the world stood still during the first memorable pandemic of my 25 years of life, I chose to keep pushing myself to promote my skincare business as much as possible. I didn't have any goals in mind initially. When we were ordered to shelter in home and not to return to work (which ended up lasting 8 weeks), I simply shifted my focus onto relaxing, self-care, and running King Ari Cosmetics as usual. As the days went on, and seemingly got longer, I found myself staying up later and later past my usual bedtime, researching and plotting; just ingesting information about how covid-19 was affecting huge corporations and small businesses, how these businesses were pivoting their plans, then finally, how I could apply some new marketing and procedures to my own business.

Cue: A Series of Blessings

During the beginning of the pandemic I entered an Instagram giveaway to see if I could win a free coaching session from Beauty Boss Mentor (Doni Brown) and to my surprise I won. The rest is still being written, but let's just say my business life was just okay before the month long training in March, but I had a lot of work to do. During the training I noticed an immediate growth in sales and exposure from following Doni's teachings. This was no how to grow your social media fluff, so at the end of my free month session I invested in 3 more months of her training. I'm pleased to say we have grown from having 9 orders in February to over 60 in May with more growing to do! So far, my business growth can surely be credited to her guidance and my execution, there are still two months left over in my training from this point. If you are a girl boss and find yourself needing some help from someone who actually produces results and doesn't give you information and leaves you hanging, I highly suggest Doni. If you decide to sign up, I would greatly appreciate if you told her Ariana sent you!

So, during covid-19, I've been growing and re-investing into King Ari Cosmetics and I'm noticing big changes, which is great as we begin to plan to scale our business to one day enter commercial markets. We've been formulating new products including our Feminine and Gentlemen's Fragrance Oils, Body Polish Glow Oils, Shea & Aloe Luxury Lotion.

What's Next?

Coming soon in time for Father's Day you can expect to see a Soothing Green Tea Face Moisturizer and a Clay & Tea Tree Face Soap for men. We are super excited for this new normal where we've found the time opportunity to work on our brand and are looking forward to a "face lift" of the brand including, and new name and logo, plus a tweaking of the current product labels. We will be actively using polls and surveys because we want YOUR input as our valuable customers! We aren't changing things on our own, we want your help so when we grow you can have the satisfaction of saying you helped design our new brand. We hope to see you all tuning in to every thing we are cranking out and thank you so much for continuing to support our body care products through the pandemic!

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Thank you for reading!

What have you or your favorite business been up to during Covid-19? Feel free to share in the comments.

Ariana T.


King Ari Cosmetics (soon to be renamed)